Guitar (Acoustic/Electric)

Our two-module program is specially designed for a student to learn guitar. We have different types of guitars and the best teachers to train you from scratch. Students can play and read the songs notation and various varieties of western music slates and modes, Indian ragas, and Bollywood songs chords and melody after completing the course.


The benefit of learning this instrument is portability; only you understand it; you will carry this with your profile or outing. You will learn Indian notation, western notation, scales modes, chords, melody, and songs in this course.


Harmonium is advisable for a person who wants to sing while playing. We teach Indian classical songs, ragas, bhajan, ghazal, using different technics. We also offer our handcrafted harmonium specially made by our workshop for you.


Keyboard learning is fun for a person with no age bar. You learn Indian notation, western notation scales, Bollywood, western songs playing with both hands; also opt for an exam by government recognized body and get a certificate.


The piano is an instrument to be along with when you want to spare and travel alone. At Euphony, you will learn western, Indian, and Bollywood styles in this course.


The flute is a hardy bamboo instrument, nearly weight below 50 grams. With flute, you can learn Indian ragas, Bollywood songs, flute learning to improve your breathing system and lung function. Many people enhance their health and happiness with this musical instrument.


Violin is a string instrument. You can learn Indian ragas, western music notations, and Bollywood songs.

Mouth Organ

The mouth organ is a pocket instrument. You can learn Indian music, western music, and Bollywood songs with this instrument. Learning a mouth organ can improve your breathing and health.


Melodica’s a handy instrument where you blow air from the pipe and play the keys. Here, you will learn Bollywood songs, Indian ragas, and western music.


Djembe’s a percussion instrument; you can learn different playing patterns and the basics of beat forming and play.


Cajon is a favorite instrument in unplugged music sessions where you learn different rhythmic patterns and playing styles and simultaneous sessions.


Dholak is a percussion instrument. It is used in folk songs of Indian states. You can learn different types of playing patterns and accompanying a session too.


Tabla is an Indian percussion instrument. Here, you can learn Indian classical taal, different thekas, bol, and give an exam from a government recognized body after completing each stage.


Ravanahatha is an Indian melodic instrument. You can learn Indian music, Bollywood tunes, or melody on it.